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I just want to say first when I saw your picture I fell in love with the colors. Destroyah's character's holds a special place in my he...

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Tyrian Pokemon

Part 3 of my Pokemon trainers series now have Tyrian with his all poison type team.

Shakespeare- Poison, Bug. Skorupi: Arguably Tyrian’s favorite, his baby boy of the team. He’s a shy and timid for his species and isn’t one to fight, but Tyrian is working on it.

kelpie- Poison, Dragon. Dragalge: one of the first pokemon Tyrian caught as a Skrelp (per-evolution) He’s a pretty calm dude and is very stealthy in a battle.

Violet- Poison, Ghost. Gengar: She is extremely mischievous and plays pranks on the others (which Tyrian doesn’t approve of) She almost always does critical hits and can mega evolve.

Sassie- Poison, Fire. Salazzle: As her name implies she has quite the attitude usually ends a match by using Captivate to stun an enemy male and burning him to a crisp.

Dancer-Poison, Grass. Roselia: The pokemon that was his starter( He refused to pick an actual starter) He wanted a poison type and Budew was adorable to him and loved (if not conflicted by the evolution) Took him a bit to get over it and Dancer grew on him, becoming his lead pokemon.

Duchess- Poison, Ground. Nidoqueen: She is the team tank having incredible defense stats, she is unstoppable. She’s also overly affectionate towards Tyrian and tends to hug and preen him out of the blue. She is the mom of the team.
Jenny sketches
Next part of the Champions of Tomorrow with Jennifer Chan, Jade Chan's adopted daughter in the Future Timeline. She becomes the magic user of the group using a Golden Pheasant feather as her wand. The bottom picture is the first night DJ stayed the night with Jenny when they were kids.
The two are inseparable like two long lost siblings (And that's all they'll ever be to each other so no shipping it):yuck: :Ugh:  brother and sister okay! Purely Platonic! Don't soil my charactersSwordStare 
DJ sketches

Some concepts sketches of my older series, that now has a name “Champions of Tomorrow.” Character DJ son of Drago. Taking place in the future Jade’s timeline the proper timeline I’d say. Drago is redeemed and returns with his son when he’s about 8 years old. DJ quickly becomes friends with Jade’s daughter Jenny.

The latter part of season 1 focus on DJ and Jenny when their teenagers, DJ being 17 and Jenny is 16. I'll post a picture of Jenny as soon as its done and other main characters.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello fellow artists of the community I am PaintedLady and I'm very new to this side of the deviantart, while I'm no stranger to exploring the amazing works of art you make everyday. As you can tell by the title I'm a newbie. I am open to any suggestions you may have for me and are free to comment on my work (as it comes along in the coming week) I mostly do traditional art like pencil and ink but other works will be done digitally on the ipad I recently ordered. I did this to scan my work and open my artistic range to others. I hope to meet and befriend many of you soon! :happybounce: Hi! w00t!  Thank you Sincerely PaintedLady. 


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Born with Autism, Crohn's disease, and epilepsy I try my best to make everyday a good one. My family and friends say I'm a gifted person to create amazing art and stories.


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